Saturday, January 23, 2016


It's snowing like MAD here in Hopatcong, NJ!!!  We're all snuggled up, watching movies, and trying to keep our nutrition on POINT!!!  The BEST thing we did was get our workout in BRIGHT and early this morning.. AFTER Matt shoveled that is... And, oh my goodness.. He's been out there 3 times since then!! :( The snow hasn't stopped!! I There's about 14 inches out there now; has to be, and it's still coming down.

I made fried eggies with smoked salmon on sprouted wheat toast after our workout, we had our daily dose of dense nutrition for lunch, AND I even made us a TREAT!! Don't worry~ I'll post the recipe for you guys... Because they were AMAZING!!

Have you ever had smoked Salmon?  This was my first time~ can't lie... I heated mine up in a frying pan, because well.. the concept kinda freaks me out!!! :p I bought it organic and everything.. I buy most things organic, but I was determined to have this organic (EVEN though it was double the price-- UGH!)

There are a whole lot of leftovers in the fridge, so it'll be fun to figure out my container counts on those as far as dinner goes, BUT here goes NOTHING!!!

HAPPY SNOW DAY TO ALL THOSE WHO GOT ONE!!--- I'm a teacher, so LORD knows I wish it was during the WEEK!!! :'(

xo ~Amber

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