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Ultimate Reset Review & Results!

I DID IT!!!!  I can't believe it... BUT I DID IT!!  I can't even say that it was "hard...." It was actually a lot easier than I thought it was going to be...

In 21 days I was able to claim my body and mind back from my food addiction.


I chose to do The Ultimate Reset because I was becoming out of control with food.  I would make silly excuses to eat certain things... Excuses to eat too much of a good thing, or even a bad thing. Excuses that were just that: an excuse.

I became obsessed with needing to eat every 2 hours, rather than eating when I was hungry.  I'd eat even when I wasn't hungry.  I'd eat just because I was going to workout.  I'd finish my healthy food, and if someone was offering something bad, I'd take them up on the offer.

I became slightly addicted to Complete Cookies!  (not saying I'll never have them again....) BUT I won't make an excuse to eat an entire cookie in addition to the food I've planned for the day.. JUST because I spent an extra 30 minutes doing cardio at the gym on top of my original workout.. OR better yet.. just because it's a "protein cookie, " and not a chips ahoy.. Guess what? That "protein cookie" is still almost 400 calories. .

I fell back into the trap of thinking I "needed" coffee.. with creamer.. or from Dunkin' with artificial flavors in it... AND on a REALLY good day, I wanted a muffin with it!! (YEP.. this is a TRUE STORY)!!!!

I fell victim to wanting to go out to eat more often than I wanted to cook healthy dinners... Typically we'd go out once or twice a month (if we're lucky!!).. and it had turned into once or twice a week.. 100% my idea, my fiance knew I'd be sorry, and probably be upset with him for letting us go!!!

I didn't get upset with him.. I got upset with myself!

I became VERY depressed because of this... I had worked TOO hard for my weight loss so far, and I wasn't alright with going backwards.   NOT ONE BIT!  I was a role model for others struggling with the same food addiction, and I needed to show them that the cycle CAN BE BROKEN!  That there IS HOPE!  That I AM HUMAN TOO!  And without even trying, I showed everyone how human I really was.

I showed up EVERYDAY for my workout with 22 Minute Hardcorps, I didn't give it my all, because I was bogged down due to my poor food choices.. BUT I showed up...

I did the right things 60% of the day... Until I made an excuse to eat somethings.. AND then it was game over.

SO: I thought long and hard about The Ultimate Reset.  I was bogged down from working out.  I needed a jumpstart with my nutrition, because it wasn't on point anymore, and I just WENT FOR IT.

THEN... it changed my life.

Life throughout the last 21 days...

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my favorite salad! AND I realized
that I LIKE rice and beans! :)
I had some of the BEST food throughout the last 21 days... Recipes which I've shared some of, and which I'll share even more of.  I can't even believe how flavorful some of the recipes were.  Things like jicama, which I never heard of!  Or why haven't I used sprouts before?  I've come to really love tempeh, and I plan to make it a lot!!  I actually have it on the menu for this week quite a bit!
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My sleeping habits have been awesome.  I've been falling asleep quickly, and waking up before my alarm even goes off, and at about 6:30 when I don't even have one set at all...

I do, however, have to use the bathroom a lot due to drinking so much water. hehe :p

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Something awesome that I've learned is that I don't NEED a snack on my way home from work.. I just like to have one, but I'm not going to anymore.  I do, however, like to have a mid morning snack, which I haven't been having. SO, that's something I will have.  The snacks on The Ultimate Reset are quite large, so having a smaller version of a snack (which is what I'm used to having), is what I'll do, but twice a day... rather than 3x!
ultimate reset, ultimate reset recipes, ultimate reset results, 21 day fix, weightloss tips, ultimate reset support, cleanse
This ENTIRE squash

My digestive system seems to have improved a bit, it's improved
greatly since beginning Shakeology all together, since I have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), but I could absolutely see how it's improved with the Reset.  I've been avoiding beans because they've always been a "trigger" food for me, but I did just fine with them on the Reset.  I can't say I'm really surprised, but I'm certainly thrilled.  I'm always finding that I'm not sensing any other discomfort either....

During the last phase of the Reset, I wasn't supposed to have
ultimate reset, ultimate reset recipes, ultimate reset results, 21 day fix, weightloss tips, ultimate reset support, cleanse
That's 1/2 head cauliflower!
Shakeology, BUT I chose to continue drinking it.  I absolutely felt as though I needed it in my everyday life.  I don't think it really hindered my results at all... but I do know that the last phase "restore" is used to heal your digestive tract since it's just been "freshly scrubbed" through the detox process in phase 2.  I believe that's why they do not have Shakeology as an options, because of the abundance of pro and prebiotics in it.
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I did have a headache for the first 3 days, but it subsided, and hadn't come back at all.


I tackled an event such as a family dinner, birthday party, bridal shower or holiday weekend every week... SOMETIMES TWICE A WEEK!!


I denied BBQ food, Pocono Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake, Donuts, the everyday goodies Matt eats, or that I make him... Birthday cake x2, Fried chicken, all sorts of yummy looking and smelling pasta salads, oreo truffles, cookies, more donuts, danish, FRESH bakery style bagels, pasta, hoagies, queso and chips, more chips, Italian bread, chocolate bars, chocolate covered pretzels that I BOUGHT for Matt... Boardwalk Pizza and Cheese fries... Coffee, Dunkin donuts/Coffee, smoothies, burgers, sweet potato fries, and WAY MORE THAN THAT!!!

I LITERALLY ate anything and EVERYTHING I could before I started the Reset... like up until I went to bed the night before!!!!!!!  And I somehow... managed to go COLD TURKEY-- 100%, with my food blinders on, and MAKE IT THROUGH!!!


ultimate reset, ultimate reset recipes, ultimate reset results, 21 day fix, weightloss tips, ultimate reset support, cleanse

I know.. I know.. You guys want to see and hear about the OTHER results! :) :) WELL... here you go! 

I lost 11.8 lbs., 2.8% body fat, and a total of 15.25 overall inches!!!! 

To include 2.5 inches from my waist, and 4.5 inches from my lower stomach!  I can't even believe how much "EXTRA" nasty I was carrying around with me... I lost 1 inch from each of my thighs, each of my calves, each of my arms, and two inches from my hips!!

My hair and skin are amazing, and I just feel GREAT!!!!! 

More about the Reset..

So... The Reset was the "restart button" that my body needed.  I took supplements daily, and I drank half my body weight in distilled water with mineralize (Himalayan salt) in it.  

During week 1, you're consuming about 1400-1600 calories, and during weeks 2-3 you're consuming about 1200-1400 calories.   The BEST part about the whole thing is: EVERY SINGLE DAY IS LAID OUT FOR YOU!  Each day, with each meal is all planned for you, and the program guide also comes with a grocery list for each phase.

The first grocery bill for week 1 cost way more than week 2 and 3, but I also went to a more expensive store.  

I haven't had animal products since the first week, and I haven't had meat since the second day.. I've been getting protein from other sources.  There's protein in EVERYTHING.  In week 2, the grains I was eating were loaded with protein, plus I got protein from Shakeology.  I also kept Shakeology in my diet for phase 3, so I got some there to.  In phase 3, the protein comes from other courses like tempeh, some of the veggies that are higher in protein, and the pumpkin seeds on the Microgreen salad, which you eat almost daily.  

O.K. . So if you didn't read my post from week one.. then you'll want to know this too... I do, however recommend reading it! :)

Working out on the Reset...

In the beginning of the Reset, I was strict about doing apx. 4-5 days of PiYO.  During week 2, I was absolutely energized for my day, but I wanted to let my body relax.  So I did 3 days of PiYo, and one day of Tai Cheng (which I enjoyed, but it was totally different than anything I'm used to..)  During phase 3, I actually stepped it up.  I worked out 4 days, but I did two PiYo workouts earlier in the week, took off a day, then I did a modified version of 21 Day Fix's Lower Fix, and took off 2 days, then did 21 Day Fix's Total Body Cardio Fix.  I felt amazing!!!!!  I didn't want to just do nothing, and I didn't want to just do PiYo either.  

What is the Ultimate Reset?    

Ultimate Reset is a 21-day program that gently helps restore the body to its "factory settings" while maximizing energy production and nutrient retention.  Ultimate Reset is a program designed to get the body in top shape internally, just as a fitness program gets the body in top shape externally.  If you're looking to restore energy, boost moods, and maximize health can dramatically improve the way they feel and function.

 Who should do the Ultimate Reset program?

Anyone looking to restore energy, lose weight, and maximize health!  Whether you've been struggling with their health, food cravings, weight, or even just experiencing low energy and feeling sluggish, in just 3 weeks anyone can dramatically improve the way they feel and function.

Post Reset...

I have a menu planned for the next week that looks very similar to the one I followed last week, with a few tweaks.. I'm doing on vacation this week (LIKE I'M LEAVING TOMORROW!).. and I'm absolutely going to remain vegan.. and I'm sure I'll even remain on my plan... I KNOW I'll be working out... but we'll see how PERFECT I am!!! hehe!!! ;) NO one's perfect.. I know I'm not... 

I also will not start incorporating meat into my diet until later on next week, or the week after... I'll start with yogurt or eggs, and work my way back into chicken to see how my body reacts to it.  For now... I pretty much LOVE tempeh.. and I have a ton of awesome recipes to try!! So I'm going to have fun! :)

The Cost...

Everything comes with a cost.. of course!!  The Ultimate Reset is $200 to purchase.. and believe me, it'll be the BEST $200 you've ever spent.. It's actually cheaper to get it with Shakeology for $275, because you'll then have the healthiest meal of day to go with it.. and when I say that Shakeology SAVED ME during this Reset.. I MEAN IT!

You could find everything you want to know about The Ultimate Reset here... and I highly recommend you reaching out to me if you think it's something you want to or NEED to do.. because it's seriously changed my life.. 

You simply canNOT put a price on your health!!!

Fill out the form below to get more information on The Ultimate Reset, and we'll see if it's your time to push the restart button on your life!

Email me at and/or fill out the application below to get more information on the Ultimate Reset or to get started on your health and fitness journey.. or maybe even just join a FREE Clean Eating Group....

It's never too soon... Only too late! :)

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