Wednesday, November 23, 2016

So I've been MIA?

Yes... I've been MIA on the BLOG front... 😀 I'm sorry! :( Life has been happening all around me though!  I finished Country HEAT!!  I had KICKA$$ results!! ... Yeah.. that was late-September...AND I finished an Ultimate Reset right around the same time... BUT post Reset.. I went a little AWAL... I stopped eating the way I figured I would THE WEEK BEFORE I was going to be getting MARRIED!!!! I probably put on a few pounds the week before the wedding, and didn't even weigh myself to know or not... but I felt it.. I'm not quitting.. So I have not failed.

BUT... I'm not going to talk too much about the past-- because it's GONE. I can't change it... I've accepted it, and I've moved on.  I'm on my 10th day of passing up on some pretty amazing foods, and about to endure Thanksgiving!! BUT first.. LET me share with you a few of my FAVORITE wedding moments....

October 2nd, 2016, Matt and I got married!  It was an absolutely beautiful day!!! I could not have asked for better weather, better people to be involved.. or a better husband! <3

So for the last few months, I've been done Hammer and Chisel... AND I even threw in a round of 21 Day Fix -- double up style! (AND started waking up early... like 4:30am early...BECAUSE.. oh YEAH.. I also got a new job! O.O  I'm teaching 5th and 6th grade Self-contained Special Education... SO .. If I wanted to start getting in more workouts.. I needed to get up early..

My eating got better... for a week... -_- THEN Halloween came.. or should I say the week 1/2 prior.. and there was candy in my house.. (yes.. Matt and I got into it long before the trick-or-treaters...</3) SO.. there went THAT PLAN (ya know... double workouts..)

Why? Because you can NOT outwork a bad diet. 

I continued to go down hill all of October with my eating. One day one, one day off.  I had ZERO results from 21df/Hammer & Chisel-- EXCEPT I'm stronger.  But I didn't see anything except...GAINS.. the bad gains. 

....SO here I am. . With Core De Force... Our NEWEST PROGRAM!!! Which I'll talk about in a few days when I do my mid-way review.. ;) BUT I feel AMAZING. My food was been ON POINT for 10 days now, I'm down over 7 lbs., and quite a few inches... The food plan is incredible... and I've never felt THIS GOOD.. this quick!!  

Matt and I have still been waking up at 4:25-4:45 depending on the workout we need to do.. and boy or BOY.. does it make a HUGE difference!!! I feel more energized throughout the day.. I feel POWERFUL.. I feel like I can take on the world!!!

But.. Thanksgiving is tomorrow... SO... What do I do?  Well... stay tuned for my next post in just a few for quite a few recipes that will help you along with that!!! ;) 

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