Wednesday, November 30, 2016

So What's This Core De Force Workout All About?!

I've been asking myself the same thing for weeks... ha!!

I'm on day 17!!! O.O And today... I DID TWO WORKOUTS... Well.. 3--- Because technically there were two scheduled.. because well.... I'm still STUCK IN THANKSGIVING MODE!


Because WEEK 3--- and it's not easier.. I AM improving.. butttt!

It doesn't get easier, you get better!!!!!!! 

I feel amazing!  I haven't weighed in since Thanksgiving morning--BUT that's because I'm waiting until I give myself a full week of being ON TRACK 110-%... ummm...  I will!!  Once you get off a little, sometimes it's a little harder to get back on.. for me anyway.. ugh 

I'm not perfect yet.. but I'm getting there!! The mini muffins I ate today from the teachers room were NOT approved... SO.. that's why it was HIGHLY necessary to add in that extra workout before dinner... hehe

Here are my Day 1-11 photos!!

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I KNOW... totally insane?! RIGHT... O.K... so Core De Force is UNLIKE anything I've ever done before.. it's 100% body weight.. it's A LOT OF CARDIO... It's giving me CRAZY endurance, and I feel amazing, my endurance has seriously never spiked this high before... and I think it's a game changer... 

I've been using the Performance Line, because well.. let's face it... Energize gets me going before every workout-- HA...BUT.. I'm also using Hydrate during most workouts because of the massive amount of sweat produced, and the cardio!  I'm using Recover as well.. because... WELL--- I'm SORE AF!!!.. I can't even imagine NOT using Recover as often as I do... I forget to use it every now and then... and BOY AM I SORRY I DO!

Of course I've also been drinking Shakeology daily, I wouldn't go a day without a shakeo.. OR TWO. haha but at least my one daily dose of dense superfood nutrition!!! <3

OH.. AND GET THIS!? Matt and I have been waking up EARLY to workout... YEP.. If you follow
my journey, then you already know this.. BUT what you might not know is that I absolutely despise the morning... Like HATE it.. I'm mean in the morning.  I'm bitter, I'm miserable... Not anymore!!! I'm not always THAT excited to get up... hahaha.. WHO's ACTUALLY excited when their alarm goes off at 4:15am-4:35am (yes.. you DID read that right) .... HA!!

But.. it's getting a LITTLE bit easier.... There are a few of us who do it.. and although we all do it for different reason, we all still inspire one another to continue to WAKE UP... RISE AND GRIND.. and get to punching, kicking, and DOING IT!!!!!

We're kicking BOOTAY with this EARLY morning thing.. and on days I don't want to-- Matt pushes me.. and on days he doesn't.. I push him!! THAT'S what it's all about!!!! <3

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