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Week 2 Recap- Whole 30.. HOLY MOLEY!


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Guys... I didn't even know this would be THIS easy.

I'm not craving ridiculous things.  I'm not jealous of the food other people are posting.  We have a I could careless that I'm not drinking regular Shakeology...
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It DOES totally suck that I'm SORE AF from my workouts... and I'm not able to drink my recover drink... -_- #dairyissues... BUT I seriously cannot even put into words how AMAZING I feel other that that my muscles ... mainly in my legs #deadlifts hurt!!!

Which isn't exactly a bad thing anyway! :p

My husband stuck with me this ENTIRE week.. up until this morning after I took his week 2 photos... which I MUST share with you !!!!!! And then he caved and ate a Hershey Kiss. :p HA!

That's O.K... he's really only in it because he HAS to be because I cook- AND because he needed to get back on track... He's been off track since a little before Halloween.... when we BOTH got into the Halloween candy...

Honestly.. I think that's when it get BOTH of us!!!

ONE week before the wedding.. I started to fall back into old habits.... Then afterwards, BAM.

YES.. I completed Core De Force.. YES I had results--- I GOT STRONG AF. BUT... They could've and SHOULD'VE been a whole lot better.. #foodie

Guess what guys?  I'm not.. and I repeat.. I am NOT.. turning back..... :)

We are going to Punta Cana in APRIL!!!!

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[P.S.... searching for flights SUCKS!!!! -_- Especially DIRECT flights... that don't cost a million dollars... However... this trip is 100% FREE... Because I partner with an AMAZING company with AMAZING opportunities.... EMAIL me for more information on that.. because well--- I'm excepting new clients NOW~ <3

It's pretty surreal still.. EVEN though we haven't even LEFT for Punta Cana.. I've ALREADY registered for Rivera Mexico for 2018!!!  It was ONLY offered to Beachbody's TOP coaches... PRETTY SURE THAT'S AMAZING!!! SO EXCITED! <3


I SHARED MY PHOTOS! -_- I wasn't going to.. I KNOW.. But I really couldn't help myself!! They're just SO amazing!  AND I KNOW there are SO many people that still haven't started their New Years Resolutions yet.. OR they got bored, and quit.. and WELL... I NEEDED to I.N.S.P.I.R.E...
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I KNOW... TOTALLY INSANE... Right?  Definitely got a lot of insight on my personal FB page too... SORRY MELISSA FOR BREAKING A RULE! -_-

I couldn't help it!

BUT.. I haven't weighed myself.. AND I WON'T!!

REALIZE THIS... because I have:  I'm completing a WEIGHT LIFTING program along with this... SO, with that being said... my weight might not change as much as we all might thing it will... :p

Against what most think and believe.. muscle and fat weigh the same.. BUT muscle is more dense... AKA.. it takes up LESS SPACE.. SO::  When completing any program where you might be putting on muscle... always keep this in mind: Ditch the scale.  Take measurements and photos... BECAUSE although the number may not fluctuate the way you WANT it to.. your body should be changing if your doing everything the right way.  AND you ARE doing everything the right way if you're following the calendar, the meal plan, and the 80/20 (aside form Whole30 friends) lifestyle.. I promise... :)

My life was... OMG... I've been good for 6 days (when I got that long...).. I FINALLY get a treat-meal.. and then I wouldn't want to give it up.. and I'd be in a toxic BLUR of sugar, fat, carbs, and greasy sludge.. THAT is why I chose to go the Whole30 route.

I was making excuses.  And I needed to DROP the excuses.  ONCE and FOR ALL!

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THIS man right HERE!!!.. My Husband.. my ROCK.. I can't even believe how far he's come in the last two weeks!!

He's given up a cheat meal this week (he DID have one last week..) AND he didn't have a bagel when offered to him this morning...

GUYS.. That's a big deal for him.. When Matt does something.. he DOES IT!  He pretty much just GOES for it.. and goes HEAD IN 110% ... ALL OR NOTHING...

He MIGHT be fading the SUPER strict "no treats" out of his life over the next week... As we approach Super Bowl Sunday, but I'm SO PROUD of all he's accomplished over the last two weeks.. He's helped me SO much.. and he's gotten himself back.. <3

So.... FOOD.. SO MUCH FOOD!! I've created some REALLY KICK ASS things over the past week... and I've made some awesome dishes from the cookbook too!!

I just want to share with you TWO things that I actually CREATED!!!


When buying coffee... ALWAYS make sure it's Organic, or at least natural in some way, shape or form.... I'm personally doing this because I KNOW that SO many of the options we know and love are loaded with artificial ingredients, and even sweeteners  (YES.. even just the beans!).. It's CRAZY!

I'm using either Green Mountain Organic K-Cups, or Archer Farms Organic & Naturally Flavored FLAVORED coffees ... Flavored with vanilla beans or cinnamon!!!


I'm using this awesome creamer from Amazon--- 100% Whole30 approved! Nutpods; so good!

So.... On the weekend, I make BREAKFAST for us!  Something AWESOME usually.. and Whole30 is NO different!

I paired the Sweet Potato Stacks with a VANILLA CINNAMON LATTE!!!!!!!


That's right...

Vanilla Cinnamon Latte-- Whole 30 Approved

Serves 2
6 oz-8oz each

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  • 8 oz canned organic coconut milk (I used regular & the topping)
  • 8 oz brewed coffee (I used a Green Mountain K-cup)
  • 1 Tbsp. Powdered Espresso
  • 1 Tbsp. extra virgin coconut oil
  • 1/2 tsp. vanilla beans (powder might work..)
  • Dash or two of cinnamon to taste

1. Heat coconut milk over medium-high heat in small sauce pan, 
2. Brew K-cup over the Tbsp. of espresso and coconut oil into a large mug.
3. Add coconut milk, and coffee mixture into blender with vanilla beans and cinnamon.
4. Blend until frothy.
5. Top with cinnamon if desired.

------------- xo 


The other night with dinner... We had STEAK! <3 I realized I had some broccoli slaw left! YANNO.. just that stuff in the bag!!!! :p

SO... I got creative!!!!

I had 1 1/2 cups left! JUST ENOUGH!

3-Ingredient Whole 30 Approved Slaw

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  • 1 1/2 cups broccoli slaw (or slaw of choice)
  • 1 Tbps. Tessemae's Zesty Ranch
  • 2 Tbsp. Whole30 Complement Mayo (I used Tessemae's)

  2. Split into 2 servings! 


Next Week?  WELL.. here's my meal plan!! BUT.... I will probably change Sunday's dinner... on TWO accounts...

It's SUPERBOWL... -_- SO I'll probably do some kind of wings!! :)

AND Trader Joe's didn't have rutabegas! :p
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